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Everybody can play a djembe, it does not matter if you just start or are very experienced.
We can help eachother to make music and have fun together.


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ok sign Create sheet music and publish them so everybody
can play your rhythms.
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Latest news:

3-5-2013 New music sheet flying elephant added.

27-4-2013 Percussion software link added in the menu.
Forum setup is complet we will fill it soon with category's.
26-4-2013 Added some nice video's at the video page.
26-4-2013 Website design is completed.









Debby - 07:16

:( i am trying to navigate your page and am unable to see anything when choosing a category to look at on board index, am i missing something?

BlackWolf - 22:49

Hey, i learnt the basics of djembe in senegal a few jears ago. Now i wanna learn how to read sheet music for djembe. Can somebody give me some sheets and learn me how to read them?

admin - 13:53

Website is open, come and join the music community :D

JoomJunk - 20:00

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